This could be Nokia’s Android device

Nokia has witnessed a meteoric rise in the smartphone market owing to its disruptive innovation. It has reached the pinnacle by capturing the majority of the market. In Nokia’s case, Success couldn’t assure longevity as many eco-systems suddenly penetrated into the scenario and had left a minute or no scope for the giant’s survival. Due to which, it witnessed a string of endless precipitous junctures.

These set of fiasco’s prompted Nokia to trade its smartphone division for a humongous $7.2 billion. There are only a few but major reasons that lead to the debacle.

Excessive reliance on the Symbian operating system: Symbian has been a pathbreaker in the market with its improved UI and better offering over the conventional operating systems which were housed in Brick sized smartphones. Around these happenings, the world has witnessed an internet revolution which demanded the internet on every cellular device and projected Mobile as a potential replacement for a desktop.

Symbian was not ready for futuristic applications

The vision for IoT was far from a reality then, however, the failure in moulding a futuristic operating system halted the juggernaut of Nokia as a result, excessive

Failure to gauge the power of Android operating system: Android was nascent then with a bunch of enthusiastic guys working on an open source operating system which acts according to the users. The reception was lukewarm initially, but the adoption by OEM’s multiplied its scope thereby bolstering its prospects. It went on and became the world’s most popular Operating system (Mobile).

Android is getting into your car too

Ignoring Apple’s Entry into the high-end market: Apple has stormed into the scene by projecting itself as a device which can do everything. The set of clever projections made people incline towards Apple. Due to which, the high-end market of Nokia has been compromised and finally got breached.

Nokia may finally release its own smartphone. However, this time it will rely excessively on Android operating system.

Recently, a few pics have been surfaced regarding the smartphone and following are the rumoured specs of the device.

Build Name: Nokia C1

Screen Size: 5 Inch


Processor: Intel (maybe Atom)

Operating System: Android with Nokia’s default launcher on top.

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