The best VPN service 2021

When you connect to a Wi-Fi network, do you think that someone might be spying on your data? Most people do not think about it, meanwhile, such a threat is quite real. You can secure your data using a VPN. So, in this article, we will consider the best alternatives to private networks.

What is a VPN service and how does it work?

The Internet has become global, and there are often a number of other people between you and the information you are requesting online: it can be a provider or a provider and a public Wi-Fi hotspot. And from you as a user to a provider or public access point, all data is transmitted in unencrypted form.

VPN is a modern tool that allows you to provide remote access to the network while maintaining complete confidentiality of data. It provides an encrypted connection and the replacement of a real IP with a virtual one. This connection cannot be blocked by your ISP.

As long as you have VPN enabled, all your network traffic goes through this secure tunnel and no one, not even your ISP, can see it until you disconnect from the VPN servers and enter the public Internet.

In addition to protecting your data, thanks to VPN services you can:

  • hide the actual geographical location for reasons of confidentiality;
  • buy cheaper in foreign online stores or services: often the price of tickets, hotels, clothes, or shoes on Internet sites depends on the country from which the user is going to buy them;
  • Do not allow anyone to track your browsing history, including governments.
  • leave no digital trace of your identity, place of residence, and activity on the Internet;
  • bypass restrictions or blacklists of your IP address – often used to download various torrents or to access services that are not available in a particular country (such as Netflix libraries), etc;
  • you will get the possibility to visit blocked sites;
  • you will be provided with stable connection speed.

The best VPN options in 2021

The market of VPN services has literally exploded in the past few years and little competition has turned into fierce contention. There are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating which VPN is right for you:

  • reputation,
  • performance,
  • the type of encryption used,
  • transparency,
  • ease of use,
  • support and additional functions.

There are the following top-rated alternatives of VPN tool:

  • Windscribe offers 2 GB of secure traffic per month when connected for free, which is very little. When confirming the e-mail is given 10 GB.
  • HideMe runs at high speeds and offers great security, but the price tag is quite high.
  • CyberGhost is a very popular VPN service. Mainly due to two major advantages: no traffic restrictions even in the free package and no logging.
  • Great mobile VPN for low traffic. The basic Starter package allows you to protect up to five devices, but the traffic limit is 500 MB.
  • You get 500 MB per month, but you can get more by sharing information about the service on Twitter.
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