Prerequisites for the Apple’s iPhone 6S announcement

It is September 9th and as promised by Apple, it is all set to unveil new products and services while primly featuring the next iPhone. The event is being held at one of the biggest halls in San Francisco, ready to kick-off at 2330HRS IST / 1PM ET introducing an updated Apple TV, a speculated iPad Pro and a better iPad mini among few other announcements.

Here is what’s been brewing around the upcoming iPhone, probably called iPhone 6S.

Two new iPhones –

As seen last year, there are going to be two iPhones this year too, almost certainly named at iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. There not much known about the exact specification sheet but, courtesy of leaked prototypes and live images, some improvements in design and camera have made their mark in our expectations.

Force Touch –


The most theorized rumors of all is the pressure sensitive screen, which in accordance to what’s found on the Apple Watch is capable of differentiating between three levels of press’.

The new sensor well suited the Watch as it could effortlessly eliminate the need of extra buttons which otherwise were necessary to substitute the smaller screen. On the iPhone, if it debuts on larger screens, could pave way to new menus and gestures to gain extra control over the phone. A fill-in spot for the missing stylus on the Plus model? Maybe and hopefully.

It’s like pressing the screen harder to make the car run faster

According to the Apple enthusiasts at 9to5Mac, the feature might be renamed distinctively on the iPhone – something like “3D Touch Display”. The touches include a tap, a press, and a deeper press. An easier way to understand this like pressing the throttle button on you keyboard harder to make the car race faster – Something that we often involuntarily tend to do.


Better camera –


Camera on the iPhone always stood out in the competition, an overall winner. But when it comes to the megapixel count, it lags way down in the price range. For laymen in tech, megapixel count on the sensor is the primary designation for a better camera. Apple has always budged this highly debatable issue ever since it stuck to an 8MP snapper on the iPhone 5.

Better camera doesn’t mean larger number of pixels, but hey, if you want to win the customers, you have bow to them. So, Apple here is expected to perk up the sensor to 12MP, capable of shooting 4K video. Along with it is a rumored upgrade to the Facetime camera from the previous 2MP to a 5MP sensor with an accompanying flash. That’s way towards selfie addicts.

Other Features –

iphone 6s

The #bendgate which haunted the iPhone 6 Plus sales seems to have been knocked out-of-the-way with the new thicker metal frame. The thickness of the device is also said to be increased for various reasons, including one to stack in a larger battery.

As hinted by sources close to Apple, the price of the iPhone 6S, on contract in the U.S. should start at $199 for the 16GB model, and way up to $399 for the 128GB model; iPhone 6S Plus models must be around $100 extra we suppose.

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