myTube a perfect YouTube client for Windows Phone

Microsoft has a strange relationship with Google in the mobile computing world. This is true as almost every Microsoft App is present in Play store, whereas not even a single Google App is present in Windows store.

Windows Store doesn’t feature even one official Google App

To tackle their absence, third party Apps have been flocking onto the store and of which myTube is one impressive YouTube client for Windows Phone Users.

Developed by Ryken Studios, myTube packs a card-like UI and has distinguishing features like “Save video to phone”, “pin channels to start screen” e.t.c.

myTube – Silicontrove

The other features of myTube are:

• Seamless play in the background
• HD video support
• Support for 60 FPS video
• Option of adding videos to our custom playlist
• Save audio and video separately
• Double wide live tile
• Offline playlists

The App is available on Window’s store and you can try it for free.

The above article was originally submitted by Pankaj Rathi and has been reviewed and modified by Silicontrove under Writeups section.

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