Movie goers get a mediocre year from Hollywood

Good, average, and bad, these are the terms that are used to assign a perspective on movies. An accurate equilibrium is achieved when the first one dominates the scene. However, this year Hollywood has gone on a cacophonic path owing to loads of abysmal flicks which hampered the viewer’s psych.

This Hollywood year began with execrable Taken 3, which was quashed down as a “C grade movie” due to its uninspiring aspects. Then, journey piped on to The sponge boob and Kingsman. Both aggregated supportive reviews, thereby, keeping the cash registers flowing.

In the shadow of these nifty movies, potboilers like Jupiter ascending, Fifty shades of grey debuted at the box-office and were proved to be midgets. In the wave of the turn down’s, Furious 7 was debuted. Its importance proliferated as it was the last movie of Paul Walker. The movie triumphed at the box office and was a mournful tribute to Paul Walker.

Again a series of diabolical movies flooded the scenario until Avengers beguiled the audience who were in a drought. Its impact quashed the box office crown of Furious 7. But still the deficit was evident due to the absence of a movie which can quench entire audience.

Then, Mad Max: Fury Road scripted a humongous debut, both critically and commercially. The movie sent shivers on the ganglion of the audience who were alienated from those genres for a long time.

The time has come for mediocre flicks to reign and the scenario was decimated when Insidious 3 debuted. It is a horror movie, which can tickle your rib with its pointless gaffes. However, this took a comic turn with spy. The spy was hilarious in parts until a series of pickling references on Susan’s physique.

It’s time for dinosaurs now. Spielberg became a cynosure after precise handling of the concept and that was replicated in the box-office too. This year, a new iteration took birth from the franchise, but without the technical involvement of Spielberg. It became the highest grossing movie of the year, despite a few criticism’s on the content.

Who is number 1? We are – Chris Pratt

Time for animated movies and Inside Out proved out to be the best animated movie of the year. Critics appreciated the portrayal of manifestations in the movie. And finally captivating Minions debuted, though the critical response was mixed, it produced a few gags which are enough for us to hook with the movie.

Ant-man, a tiny superhero from Marvel witnessed a smashing debut with positive reviews. Adam sandler became the fifth most paid actor. However, I choose to ignore Pixels because it is way outward than outward.

Tom cruise who enjoyed little success past few years, finally jumped into the scene and gave us an adrenaline rush with his breathtaking stunts in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

So far baring a few glitters, it has been an insipid year. There won’t be a paradigm shift even in the last quarter of the year. However, big tickets like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Spectre, The Martian and Hotel Transylvania 2 are going to be the major respites from the Hollywood this quarter.

However, bulge your wallets as next year is going to be a ”                        “.

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