Google grocery business might be a thing afterall

Alphabet, or Google Inc. as it was called, is set to test-run grocery delivery services in two north american cities of San Francisco and another unknown city later this year in an effort to ramp up the competition against Amazon and Instacart.

Google Express, which specializes in delivering stocked/frozen food and merchandise, has reported to have been facing stocking issues recently. On the latest, the company shutdown two of its stores in San Francisco and Mountain View after facing a stiff competition against key players like Amazon. However, this time around, it is said to partner with few of the known grocery retailers in the region to eliminate the need of warehouses and refrigerators which due a lot of maintenance, and introduce same-day Google grocery delivery.

“It’s in our incentive, as well as the merchant’s incentive, for us to help customers get the full store delivered to them.” – Elliott.

With the growing society coherently expecting every product at their doorstep – including grocery and medicine – as reported by IbisWorld, the industry is expected to grow at 9.6 percent in the coming years, valuating at $10.9 billion in the U.S alone. While Google is busy expanding its Express service across the U.S., Amazon on Tuesday wit-fully hinted towards entering restaurant delivery business – something Google might someday dirty its hands in.

These couch-potato friendly services are currently confined only to the U.S. with seemingly no intuitive to expand across the continent. Nonetheless, in India too, there are many as such fresh-food delivery services which cropped up in recent times – just a heads-up if you are really that lazy to walk up to a grocery store.