Amazon is joining the food delivery network

Amazon has launched a new food delivery service which is operational only in Seattle for now with plans to touch other cities along the way.

The app is named Prime Now and is available exclusively to Amazon prime subscription members. The application allows the user to either opt for a free two-hour delivery or pay $7.99 to get the delivery in one-hour. Users can track their order from the restaurant till they deliver it.


Food is not the only thing Prime now delivers, the app also shows home essentials like cereals. With deliveries available from 6:00 AM till midnight you need not miss the basic necessity of life – food, at anytime of the day.
Prime now isn’t the only food delivery service, other major competitors like UberEats and GrubHub are going to give Amazon a run for their money.

Well, it is up to Amazon on how they will handle the competition and rise up to the challenges that lie ahead.

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